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Round Table January Jaunt

This year’s January Jaunt, organise...

This year’s January Jaunt,...

This year’s January Jaunt, organised by Plymouth Round Table saw its...

This year’s January Jaunt, organise... This year’s January Jaunt,... This year’s January Jaunt, organised by Plymouth Round Table saw its...

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General information

I've been in Round table for almost 6 years now and for me Table is first and foremost a group of friends with whom I just enjoy spending time. A fair amount of which has to be said is in the pub. When I look back to when I joined, like many, I was new to the area and was looking for an easy way to get to know my new town, having just relocated to Harpenden with work. At that point I knew nothing about the Round Table and I'd never even thought of looking them up.

Anyway, not long after moving here, one cold December evening a couple of guys knocked on our door dressed as Santa. They introduced themselves as the round table shook a collecting tin and explained they were doing their annual charity collection. This was shortly followed by a whole host of similarly dressed guys coming round the corner of our street surrounding an obviously home made Santa's slay with Santa sat precariously on top! Christmas music blared out and all the kids from the surrounding houses, who had clearly been waiting for Santa to arrive, came out to meet Santa and grab a handful of sweets. Needless to say, my kids quickly took the hint and did the same. That was my first introduction to Harpenden Round Table.

A day or two afterwards, when I was talking to a neighbour, I found out that this was a well know Harpenden tradition for the Round Table to come collecting with 'Santa' at Christmas. She described how as a child she had stood and waited for Santa and his helpers to visit her street and that now her children were doing the same. It was obvious that everyone really looked enjoyed the Santa collection and she expressed her admiration for the Tablers who, to quote: "turned out in all weathers, never as far as she could remember had missed a year, and were always happy and chearful." Although I've found out since that this is quite a wide spread Round Table tradition, I had certainly never come across anything like it before.

After that, I thought there might be something interesting about this Round Table and, although sceptical, I thought I should find out more. So dropped them an email and the rest as they say is history. 5 years on from knowing nothing about Table and from a very sceptical start, I find myself chairman!

Now I can say that I heartily recommend Table to anyone who wants to support their community, socialise with friends, and do their bit for a few good causes. It is the Santa collection and so much more.

Round Table can offer something for everyone. So if you've ever wondered who we are or what we are all about, or, if like I was, you are new to the area, why not find out more and join us for beer.

Graham Halkyard - Harpenden Table Chair 2013 - 14

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Harpenden Round Table
Meet time: 1st & 3rd Wednesdays 7.30 for 8.00pm.

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